Money worries can lead to suicide

Florence Thompson with several of her children in a photograph known as Migrant Mother

When you are faced with the reality of having no money and absolutely no idea what to do to make money it can be pretty depressing and scary.

The Great Depression is a good example of just how desperate a person can get to feeling when they reach that point where they simply don’t see any way they can solve their money problems.

It’s a frighteningly desperate place to find yourself at that point where you’re convinced you can’t solve your financial problems. You start to think about killing yourself because that seems like the only sensible choice you have left.

If you’re feeling desperate about your money situation and thoughts of suicide are crossing your mind, just remember it’s the desperation that is real, not the desire to die. Your real desire is to solve your money problems so you won’t have to feel desperate. The suicidal thoughts are just coming out of a place of panic and believing you’re out of options; but tomorrow you might not feel as convinced as you do today that you’re powerless to change your current circumstances.

Suicide gets rid of the problem, yes, but it also gets rid of you. Of course this won’t be a problem for you as you’ll be dead, but it will be lifelong burden left upon the hearts of those you leave behind.


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