My adventures in forex trading 07-21-2008

FXCM has accepted my application and I have made my first deposit. I don’t have a live trading account as yet though. They said it normally takes 1 business day to process the funding transaction but can sometimes take more than 1 day. Once the funding transaction is completed they will create a live account for me and I will be able to start trading currency in the foreign exchange market. I still intend to wait until Monday 28th to begin trading. For now I am just getting application and funding processes completed so that on Monday everything will be good to go.

Remember to subscribe to my rss feed if you want to keep track of my progress. I will be providing daily reports good or bad. Hopefully my efforts will be paid off in the fulfilment of my financial goals which will thus enable me to fulfil my bigger dreams. But if not I will still have learned a great deal. However this turns out I will absolutely have no regrets.

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