My Money Today September 10 2008

Let’s just say that yesterday I made a total of $0.63 cents across my remaining website properties and lost $60 trading forex. Last month I made about $600 total income for the month, but at least it was up from the $110 made in July.

I have officially passed the 1 year mark since being unable to turn my financial troubles around. In previous years I have always managed to find a way to turn things around so that I only had to endure the occasional month of financial difficulty. (I should probably clarify here that I am talking about the difference between having the money to pay the bills and not having the money to pay the bills) Twelve straight months of financial strain has put me back in a place I never wanted to find myself again. The hardest part of this is feeling like I am out of options, like I’ve already tried everything. I can’t think of anything else to try, but I’m still getting up everyday and trying. My imagination has always been the only thing I have had to fall back on; but right now I am not having any success imagining my way to financial freedom.

The forex trading was kind of a desperate hope but the forex trading is not working out. I am not going to quit on it just yet; but I’m not as convinced as before that it’s possible for me to turn my financial situation around trading forex. Outside of that I am drawing a blank right now as far as figuring out where to turn and what to do.

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