My Money Today September 15th 2008

My present money situaiton is no better than described in my last post. On Friday we lost the electricity for a few hours. I had assumed we had a day or two before they would disconnect it but I assumed wrongly. I was in the middle of working when service was disconnected. We were able to get it restored after a few hours. The hubby collected his pay check and went to pay the bill. I put the other utilities on my credit card so now I have almost maxed out my three credit cards.

Yesterday’s earnings: $0.32 cents

Earnings so far in September: $16.94

In a few days I have to pay $189 for the dedicated server I’ve been renting for several years and a few days after that $278 to cover my cell phone bill.

I could sell this website. Someone offered me $275 for it. That would pay my server bill I guess, but it would be yet another huge loss. Last month I sold off websites into which I’d put a year’s worth of effort. I sold the sites for $100, $125, $100 and $150. I pretty much gave them away for nothing; and I spent more on them than I made back selling them. Not very smart economics.

Do you think I feel like a failure? I don’t know. Would you feel like a failure if you were me?

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