My Trip to the Spa

Do you know what I love? Discovering that I can afford luxurious things. I recently visited a tanning salon and spa—and guess what—it was completely affordable. Do you know how excited I am about this? Well, if you could see how hot I look right now, you would understand. Sorry—that sounds immodest. But it’s true–tans make people look attractive, thin, and healthy—and that’s exactly the effect this visit had on me!

For over a year, one of my close friends has been going to this salon called Planet Beach. They recently had a special (which they are still having); my friend gave me a coupon, and I finally went for a visit. My only regret—I should have done this much sooner. Planet Beach is the largest spa franchise in the world—they have 360 locations. You can tell because they clearly know what they’re doing. They have really state-of-the-art equipment and tanning methods like Mystic Tan (spray-on tan). I visited the location nearest my current humble abode in West LA. For readers in my area, this branch is located at 12203 Santa Monica Blvd. It is one block west of Bundy Dr. in the heart of West L.A. They have three levels of free parking.

So, I walk in and sense they must be doing aromatherapy—the place not only looks, but also smells exquisite. The attendant was really polite and told me about the different tanning beds: lay-down, stand-up, and the one I finally chose–the massage bed. Do you have any idea how nice it feels to lie down on a massage bed? If not, suffice to say you really should give it a try. My skin is still tingling. They also offer facials, skin care, and hydration therapy there. I am going to try each service.
If you want to try out any of these services, now is the time. The salon I visited is offering 3 Free Tans or 1 Free Spa Session. Coupons can be printed at I truly recommend it–I am so glad I visited!

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