Natalie Dylan will submit to gynecological exam to prove she’s a virgin

The million dollar virgin, Natalie Dylan, made an appearance on the Tyra Banks show yesterday where she reminded the audience that being a virgin doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a prude. Everyone thinks Natalie looks too sexy to be a virgin. So now we’re being judged on whether or not we’ve been popped on the basis of how we look. So if you’re sleeping with 10 different men per week and you don’t want anyone to know you’re a promiscuous woman all you have to do is dress like a librarian and claim you’re a virgin. People will believe you because you look like one.

Natalie has said she’s willing to prove her virginity by submitting to a gynecological examination. What people seem to have difficulty with is the question of why a virgin would be willing to sleep with a man for money, because being a virgin means you’re a good girl and good girls don’t sleep with men for money. Good girls wait until their wedding night to give their virginity to their husband as a “gift”.

Hey Natalie, if you can get $3.8 million just for letting some guy pop your cherry go for it. I gave my virginity to some loser hoping he’d love me forever and ever. He loved me for 6 months then told me to get lost. Maybe it was my fault for not waiting until my wedding night, but from what I’ve heard, those good girls who wait until their wedding night don’t get any special reward either. They trade their virginity for a promise and a ring; but before long more than half of them are divorced and have nothing to show for the loss of their precious virginity. If virginity is that big a deal as people say then you should have something to show for losing it. Walking away with three million dollars sure beats walking away with herpes, chlamydia or some other STD; and if you catch a disease anyway, at least you have the money to get treatment.

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