Newlywed Journey

I just went to the most beautiful wedding! Weddings are one of those events that I always dread going to, but once there, it never fails to amaze me how reflective I get! As the dainty bride walked down the aisle with her father, I could clearly remember my father at my own wedding. Wedding ceremonies and festivities are so significant for parents—yet I never thought to ask my parents what that day meant to them…I must do that.
Anyway, as usual I ate far too many pieces of wedding cake, but that can’t be helped, as wedding cake is my favorite food! And there were a few additional caloric indulgences, but no need to mar my reflective mood by recounting those.

There was one more moment that struck me. It was when the bride and groom left in the wedding limousine. For some reason, I never stopped to think about why that moment is symbolic! I just always try to stand in a spot that helps me avoid getting pelted with rice being thrown at the newlyweds. Anyway, it hit me that these newlyweds are truly in for a journey! Like a drive to an exciting place, it will start with joy and a thrill of sorts. Then it will slow down, but intermittent laughter and tiffs will spice it up. If the journey is a long one, at some point each passenger will count the hours, maybe even the minutes depending on how they choose to fill the “empty” moments of the trip.

Then all of a sudden, they will arrive at their destination. It may or may not be what they expected—but at this point, the trip has only begun! Each new corner is a step that makes life interesting, if challenging (or even really annoying sometimes). Weddings always remind me of how exhilarating it is to take a leap of faith, embark upon something new, mysterious, and challenging—and how so few things in life are worth the risk, love being one of them. Honestly speaking, I did NOT feel like going to that wedding…But as usual, I am so glad I did!

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