Nice girls finish last

Something I read this morning has got me wondering if I’ve been a fool all this time trying to do things the honest way. It seems more people at the top have cheated in some way shape or form to get there. I’m fascinated by this story about people lying about what they make in order to qualify for large home loans. Is This Woman The Smoking Gun Of The Mortgage Meltdown?

The woman in question is one Tracy Warren. The story has to do with corruption involving wall street investment banks selling bad loans to investors and the trickle down effect that has manifested in millions of people facing foreclosure who should never have received a loan in the first place because they lied on their application and the companies that issued the loan knew the applicant had lied but gave the loan anyway. cites Tracy Warren as saying:

“I’d see people who were hotel workers saying that they made, in California, making $15,000 a month so that they could qualify for a $500,000 home.”

“If a hotel worker is making $15,000 a month changing sheets at the Days Inn, everybody would want to do it. It just really made no sense.”

Just imagine, I might already be a rich bitch by now if it had occurred to me to lie about my income when trying to get a loan; but of course I would have needed to be lucky enough to apply to a corrupt lender. I would then have used their corruption to my advantage, but everybody would have won in the end so it wouldn’t have been a big deal anyway.

As it stands I’m still here trying to figure out a way to make money honestly. Sometimes honesty is a hindrance where a little cheating gets you ahead; but what do you think happens when girls like you and me try to cheat? We get caught of course!

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