No offense, Ivana Trump, but you really don’t need to be wearing strapless dresses

They say it isn’t how you look but how you feel, and if you’re sixty years old but still feel sexy and you want to wear a strapless dress that bares your bosom then you should have the right to do that; but quite frankly, there comes a point in a woman’s life when she really should cover herself up regardless of how she feels, just out of consideratin for the  rest of the world.

Seriously, I mean no offense to Ivana Trump. I understand that on principle she should have the freedom to dress however she pleases; and if we find the sight of her offensive that’s our problem not hers. Nevertheless, it would be nice if Ivana would put away the strapless and otherwise revealing dresses and just accept that her youth has passed and she has nothing to show off any more. Far from it, she now has a body that really needs to be concealed; and she should consider her young husband’s feelings and how embarrassing it must be for him to have her going around showing the entire world all the evidence of his private horror.

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