Not all gold diggers are female – just ask Madonna who says soon to be ex husband Guy Richie is a gold digger

Madonna, the entertainer, is getting divorced as you’ve probably heard, and already things appear to be getting messy.

The following quote is being attributed to Madonna  who is in the process of divorcing her husband of almost 8 years Guy Richie. Whether or not it is an accurate quote I have no idea. It is being claimed by the British Sun, which is a tabloid paper, to be a quote from Madonna:

“I’m totally devastated that Guy’s turned out to be such a gold-digger. I thought we’d been on a spiritual journey together for the past 10 years – but obviously I was wrong. He’s just after my money.

“I’ve worked my butt off for the last 30 years to get what I have, and now this gold-digger wants to take it from me. He keeps upping his demands – he just wants more, and more, and more from me. It’s unbelievable.”

It does seem odd, however, because according to other reports Guy Richie had his own money before marrying Madonna and continuted to make his own throughout their marriage; but Madonna apparently has the most money out of the two and it seems Richie wants to get more than his fair share of it.


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