Nothing is too good for you so stop telling yourself you don’t deserve a place like Alessandria

It concerns me that while viewing the video tour of Alessandria, the $6,500,000 property in the Bella Collina community just outside Orlando, Florida, I kept thinking to myself that I wasn’t classy enough for such a place. Not that I would ever need such excess; but supposing I wanted to live in such a place? For me to think any property is too good for me, or more to the point that I am beneath any property, is quite unfortunate for me.

I do think Alessandria is gorgeous and I am using it as a sort of goal, though I don’t think it would be the best choice of a home for me to buy when I am finally in a position to buy my dream home. I’m not sure it fits my personality; and I’m sure it would be way too big for two people, assuming I would still be married and my son would be on his own by then. Although, it would be great to live there with my son and his wife and their children in 10 years; but that’s just me dreading the empty nest syndrome that’s fast approaching. Besides, that elaborate pool and the lake would worry me. I’d be in constant fear of my somebody drowning.

Getting back to the original point, you can’t go around thinking you’re not good enough to live in a six million dollar house. That kind of thinking keeps you right where you are; and the funny thing with that is, the reason you are where you are is because you believe that’s where you belong. Where ever you believe you belong is where you will go. So I guess I’ve been believing I belong at the bottom and with that belief I’ve always gravitated to the bottom; and I will always stay at the bottom as long as I continue to believe whether directly or indirectly that the bottom is where I belong.

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