OANDA customer agreement text vanishes

Well, OANDA replied in answer to my request for clarification on some text in OANDA’s customer agreement. They were unable to locate the text I quoted in their agreement. What I find very odd is that I suddenly cannot find the document from which I copied the text. I did a search for the exact text and the only place it shows up is on my own site which is beyond odd because I did not make it up. I found the text of the agreement doing a search so the fact that I cannot find it now (except on my own site)) doing a search seems a bit mysterious. Where did the document disappear to and why is it suddenly nowhere to be found?

But I hardly think it’s a big problem. It might have been an old customer agreement, in which case it would hardly be relevant. To be fair I will request their most current agreement and go over that in detail.

I am still reviewing the FXCM trader agreement but I’m losing faith in FXCM pretty rapidly. Their trading station has been acting up for a few weeks now and I’m starting to think it might not be a good way to start trading, using a platform that is not going to prove reliable and will stop working while you have open trades running. I only have a demo account but I’ve read that the FXCM trading platform misbehaves for customers with real accounts as well. Of course they let you know in the trader agreement that this can happen so they are pretty much covered; but what about you?

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