Oh for crying out loud will someone just put Sirius XM Radio Inc out of their misery?

What’s the deal with Sirius XM Radio Inc? They continue to act like everything is honky dory and copacetic; but their stock can’t seem to rise even to forty cents at this point. They’re all gung-ho about the fact that they’ll be broadcasting live election coverage across 14 channels starting today with guest to include Dr. Maya Angelou, Gayle King, Jamie Foxx, Joe Madison, Tom Brokaw, Gwen Ifill, Ron Silver, Mark Thompson and Andrew Wilkow. Do their stockholders really care about this? What’s the deal with the company stock?

Sirius needs to be getting serious about turning their stock around. It’s all well and good to be having all these programs on all these channels with all these distinguished guests but if the company goes bust none of it will make a bit of difference.

Image: Senator Barack Obama by Sister72 via Flickr

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