Okay so you’ve had 2 slices of pizza for breakfast and you’re supposed to be on a diet

Dieting isn’t always easy. Life is filled with stressful moments and in moments of stress some of us turn to food. If you start your day breaking your diet there’s no need to feel guilty about it. Guilt is pointless, and, in fact, guilt is likely to increase your stress level and send you back to the cupboard or the fridge looking for something else to eat; so forget about the guilt.

The best way to handle a situation where you’ve had something to eat that you feel perhaps you should not have eaten is to get some exercise to offset whatever damage you fear you might have done. Exercising is not always fun, that is true, but remind yourself that you’re exercising for the same reason that you eat impulsively, to help yourself feel more calm and comforted; and the great thing about exercise is that it comes with that great benefit of helping to keep you in shape.

So if you had two slices of pizza for breakfast this morning don’t sweat it. It’s not a world crisis or even a personal crisis. Just use the energy from the nutrients you’ve consumed. Go out and run if you can. Don’t like to run? Go out and walk. Don’t want to go out? Put on your Britney Spears CD and pretend you’re at a club. Don’t have a Britney Spears CD? Go to youtube and load up her womanizer video, turn up the volume on your speakers and have some early morning fun. Why not? Life is good.

Image: Pizza Pizza by The Pizza Review via Flickr

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