When one of the world’s highest paid supermodels gains weight and develops back fat, cellulite and love handles

Months ago there was a bit of an uproar over Karolina Kurkova’s falling from sexy grace by gaining a little weight and getting cellulite and back fat. It’s old news so you probably already heard about it, but this is the first I’ve come across story.

It’s unfortunate for Karolina that she had to endure what she endured with all the criticism. It’s hard to say whether she was brave or foolish to walk the runway in a bikini knowing her body was not in the condition expected of a top model. I mean, you just can’t have a normal woman’s body problems if you’re going to be a top model. Whatever it takes, you must defy the laws of nature.

Seriously though, how dare the people in the audience be “shocked” and “appalled”. What the hell do they look like in a bikini? But that’s the way life works I guess.

When she was skinny and tight she was perfection and they all wanted her. When she gains a little weight for whatever reason she’s disgusting and shouldn’t dare show her body. Such a shame to be judged only for your looks.

No woman hailed for her beauty is lucky because the moment she loses that beauty, which she inevitably does, she loses all of her adoring fans.

Women should rise up in arms, but of course they wont. Many of the women in the audience were probably as “shocked” and “appalled” even while knowing they themselves are not perfect; or if they are the skinny rich bitch type, knowing fully well what it costs them to keep the weight off.

Critics Up In Arms Over “Fat” Victorias Secret Model “With Cellulite”

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