Online Designer Sales

If you’re like many fashionistas, you love the look and feel of quality designer goods. The quality, the cut, those unique details that really make the pieces stand out. For quite a few of us, these details make designer clothes and accessories worth the premium price.

However, while we might be able to splurge every once in a while on a special handbag or dress, many of us can’t swing a completely designer wardrobe. That doesn’t mean that you should give up on expanding your collection though, even with the economy in its current state. There are plenty of great deals to be had without setting foot in a designer boutique or dealing with obnoxious retail associates. Where can you find these great deals? The same place that more and more of us are turning to for our shopping needs: the Internet.

One site that we’re interested in checking out is, a members-only online store that offers incredible sales on some of the top luxury brands that we love. Promising prices of up to 70% off, this site requires that you sign up before you can see what they have to offer. However, there do appear to be some terrific deals available, albeit for a limited time. There was a Burberry Prorsum Womenswear sale going on when we signed up, and we loved the Lace Up Trench. Originally $3,395.00, it was available for $1,198.00 — still a designer price tag, but a great discount off the initial retail. We look forward to seeing what other deals we can find on this exciting site.

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