Outfit Your Salon In Style

No matter how tight the household budget becomes, folks always seem to manage to find the money for a trip to the barber or hair salon to keep up with appearances. That puts salon owners on the frontline of our economic recovery. But just because you have a business that everyone needs doesn’t mean your business is one that everyone will use. You still need to create an inviting atmosphere. You can do that by updating your salon chairs. If business is really good, then you’ll be looking for an entirely new set of salon furniture to fill up the space. Either way, there are deals to be had. You just have to make the right choices.

Making comfortable surroundings for your customers is the key to success for any hair salon. Although your particular salon might offer many exclusive amenities, the one area where every customer will be experiencing will be the salon chairs. This is where you need to make that comfort a real priority. Depending on the treatment, it’s conceivable that a client will be spending anywhere between 30 minutes to over an hour sitting in those salon chairs. Have you sat in your current salon chairs for that long? Do you know what your customers might be feeling in chairs that have become worn out with use? It’s not something that is going to be bringing them back. There’s no reason why salons chairs have to be uncomfortable especially when you have so many updated designs to choose from.

Beyond the basics of salon furniture are those special stations that will offer treatment like pedicures and/or facials. Here the salon chairs can be enhanced with such features are built in massage and extended footrests. The longer a customer wants to stay in a salon chair the more treatments they’ll order up!

Salon furniture is also not just something you can sit on or build a station around. Foot baths with heat massage can also be included on your shopping list of new salon furniture purchases. A customer can’t indulge in a little pampering unless you are offering that. Savvy salon owners make the most of these types of equipment by offering mini-spa treatment packages. These also make great gifts for the upcoming holidays.

As with any purchase for your business, you need to consider you budget. Ordering salon furniture through a local beauty supply might seem the most practical approach. However, if you do even the smallest amount of internet research, you’ll find that there are great bargains to be had on salon chairs and a wide range of salon furniture. Many of these internet businesses even offer free shipping which is an amazing cost savings. Internet sites offering salon furniture have no expensive showroom overhead so they can keep their prices low. With the money you’ll save shopping for your salon furniture this way, you could add some of those enticing treatments and build your customer base.

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