Pringle of Scotland fine apparel

I recently attended a virtual showing of the Pringle of Scotland fine apparel. This just means I surfed over to this morning after receiving an email from them about their PRINGLE OF SCOTLAND: Online Exclusive. I’d never heard of Pringle of Scotland before.  I looked them up on wikipedia and this is what I found out about them:

Pringle of Scotland is a luxury knitwear manufacturer. The brand is worn by the likes of Madonna, David Beckham, Nicole Kidman, Sophie Dahl, Claudia Schiffer and British bands such as The Kooks, Dirty Pretty Things and The Twang. The company has stores in London’s Bond Street, Sloane Street and Bluewater Shopping Centre as well as in Japan and Taiwan and is sold by retailers in New York and Milan.

I can’t say that I was blown away by any of the outfits I previewed. I could see myself wearing the black, pleated yoke dress with the scoop neckline, but I’d have to wear a long-sleeved body suit under it so my arms wouldn’t be bare. Of course at $1395 I  couldn’t possibly afford it. Right now if I had $1395 to spend on clothes I’d go shop where I could come home with 13 – 26 outfits, not where I could only get 1 little black dress. Does that make me cheap?

Oh, and they had a belted fur coat paired with the pleated yoke dress in another photo. Guess how much the belted fur coat costs? $13,000. Can you imagine the amount of clothes you could get for $13000 shopping at some place like Old Navy? But if you had $13000 to spend on clothes it would mean you’re already a rich bitch and rich bitches don’t shop at Old Navy. They shop at places were $13000 can’t even buy 1 complete outfit.

Image: pleated yoke dress

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