Redefining rich

I can’t get to Portofino without money so I have to keep trying to get to the point where I’m making more than a dollar per day. In the meantime it has occurred to me that being rich is not only about having money. There is so much more to life and there are so many ways in which I can enrich the life I have presently. I’ve been way too focused on everything I don’t have, on the negatives in everything and everyone around me, including myself. It’s time to change that. Life itself is rich and as part of the living world I am sharing in the wealth of life everyday. I want to learn to treat my moments as if they’re more precious than all the money in the world.

Side note: If I’m just having one of my bi-polar moments I hope it lasts because I like this feeling of being inspired, having a new vision and a better understanding of the value of every moment of my life.

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