Refurbished Janitorial Equipment

Buying janitorial equipment can be expensive; although refurbished ones are also available as an alternative to new and branded floor cleaners. Janitorial equipments include but not limited to floor buffer, electric burnisher, scrubber, concrete sweeper, auto scrubber and more. These equipments, when bought a brand new would cost up to $3,000 as a maximum rate. The cheapest would be around $400. Unless required, buying used janitorial equipment can be more practical and cost-effective.


Floor buffers became a popular floor cleaning machine when the use of non-carpeted floors became extensive. The main function of this cleaning machine is to polish the surface of linoleum, marble or hardwood floor and keeping it dust-free. Floor buffers require two-handed steering; a circular speed; and rotating brushes to remove dust and dirt from flat surfaces. Other cleaning chemicals can be used with a floor buffer.


Similar to buffers, floor polishers are also used to buff or dust the floor for a shiny look and finish. There is a wide array of polishers available in different colors, sizes, features and prices. The cheapest would be around $7000 on sale. If budget is an issue, buying a new floor polisher may not be sensible at the moment. And since refurbished polishers are available as an alternative, they may be a good choice until money is available for a brand new floor polisher. Every household should invest a little in janitorial and housekeeping to keep home clean and healthy for the whole family. House dust and termites can trigger allergies so keeping home dust-free all the time is necessary.

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