Rent a Private Island like Necker Island or Musha Cay

Whenever we think of islands, we think of pirates, buried treasures, golden beaches, swaying palms, a luxurious mansion and romantic settings. There is something very exhilarating about escaping to an exotic island, lying on virgin golden beaches, getting a fabulous tan with exotic cocktails and seafood by your side, and an expanse of the blue waters inviting you to take a dip in it. What could be more extravagant than owning an island like this?

For most of us it just remains a dream, but even for people who have money to spare, buying an island may not always be feasible as it is a jealous mistress and requires very high upkeep. However renting an island is an option that fulfills your long standing dream for a short time and is one of the most coveted ways of spending your vacation. Island renting might be considered elitist, but it is highly romantic and gives you loads of time away from prying eyes and maddening crowds.

Obviously luxuries don’t come cheap and island renting can set you back by thousands of bucks depending on the place, but it’s a vacation that most celebrities and the rich and famous prefer due to its exclusivity and ‘I have arrived’ value. There are hundreds of islands around the world that can be taken on rent, however renting out celebrity islands is a thrilling experience in itself. Two popular celebrity islands worth mentioning are the Necker Island owned by Richard Branson of Virgin Corp, and the Musha Cay owned by the magician David Copperfield.

Branson is known for his flamboyant lifestyle and entrepreneur skills. Located in the British Virgin Islands (where else!), the Necker Island was bought by Branson to create a hideaway for his family, Virgin employees and friends. It was a completely uninhabited island when Richard took it over; he slowly developed the whole 74 acres into a 7 star resort and opened it to the general public. The whole island is rented out to only one party and can accommodate up to 28 guests at one time.

It’s a Caribbean experience at its opulent best with 50 fully trained staff members pandering to your every whim and fancy. From formal crystal dinners to impromptu beach parties, you can decide the setting and the pace of your meals. The accommodation is in Bali style and the interiors are simply stunning. It is regularly haunted by the likes of Prince Charles, Oprah Winfrey and David Beckham. The price for 7 nights starts from a whooping $322,000 and you have to stay for minimum 5 nights. If there are 27 of you, it would work out to about $12,000 per person for 7 nights. So if you can gather friends who are willing to shell out moolah for an out of world experience, go ahead and experience the elitist world of Richard Branson and his celebrity friends.

The Musha Cay is more of a Bahamian experience and is just 40 minutes away from Miami by flight. The islands are stunningly beautiful with their sugar white sands and clear turquoise waters. The stars too shine brighter here and the place is exotic, unspoiled and a darling of the travel media. Musha Cay is where all the activity happens and there are 5 beautiful villas, each with its own private beach for complete privacy. You can rent out its entire 150 acres and bring along a maximum of 24 guests.

The Musha Cay is a place where champagne flows endlessly and walking on your own private beach with super soft white sands is an experience that is beyond compare!! The Musha Cay offers an extravagant ambiance where anyone will feel like royalty and with it being owned by the legendry magician Copperfield, can the magic be far behind? It is frequented by the likes of Clintons, Steve Martin, Billy crystal and recently the founder of Google, Sergey Brin took his marriage vows here. A week here with your friends will set you back by $325,000.

These islands are more popular due to their celebrity value, however there are plenty of other places which may not be as luxurious but are stunningly beautiful and can be rented for much less. For couples looking for a romantic getaway, there are many tour operators who specialize in island bookings and can find you islands which won’t cost you the earth, yet will offer you the privacy you seek.

Images: Island Hideaways

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