What can’t you wait to get rich so you can buy?

Dear Rich bitch, is there anything you really really want that you can’t afford right now that you plan to buy the minute you reach your rich bitch goals? Just Passin Thru

Dear Just Passin Thru, to be honest, I can’t really think of anything. It’s kind of like when people ask me what I want for Christmas. I can never think of anything because I never really want anything. Actually, come to think of it, the answer is so obvious, although I suspect that’s not exactly the type of purchase you have in mind. I want a house; and the moment I can afford to buy a house I will buy a house; and I don’t mean the moment I can afford the mortgage. I mean the moment I can afford the house; but I am starting to think that maybe a 10-bedroom mansion might be unnecessary. I’ve always said that I won’t rest until I have my dream home which I’ve always thought would be a 10-bedroom mansion; but I’ve recently been wondering why exactly I want to 10-bedroom mansion and I’m not really happy with the answers I’ve come up with.

Mostly I think a 10-bedroom mansion would represent satisfaction only for the message it would send to the people that I am of the belief expect me to always have nothing and always be nothing; but that to me is not a good reason to want a 10-bedroom mansion.

If it came down to spending several million on a house that’s unnecessarily large or located in a neighborhood I would want to live in only because of the prestige I would hope I would not be as superficial as that; but it’s easy to say that now. When you’ve grown up your entire life dreaming of being rich, once you come into money it’s not so easy to be practical and economical about spending it.

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