The definition of success

Successful business womanDear Rich Bitch, success to different people means different things. For some its money, for some its about having a happy family, for some its just about being healthy, what according to you is the best way to define success? Which woman according to you is a complete success? Somebody

Dear somebody, it is true indeed that success means different things to different people. Generally we think of successful people as people who have achieved fame and/or fortune. If you have a lot of money people automatically assume you’re successful. If you’re celebrated as a famous person you’re assumed to be successful. If you have a thriving career it’s assumed you’re successful; but it could be that some of the people we regard successful don’t see a successful person when they look in mirror. They might have money or fame or a thriving career, but they might be missing something else that for them is the true definition of success.

I cannot honestly say that there is any particular woman who comes to mind when I try to think of women whom I regard complete successes. There are accomplished women who are certainly admirable, but I would never assume that anyone’s life is a complete success. I think it is more true that in every life there are many successes and many failures that combine to tell a more complete story than would be told if we only looked at one or the other.

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