It’s better to be rich and famous than to be poor and obscure

It is 6:23 AM. I am wondering why I have not heard back from the people at PGM Builders. They are the folks who built Alessandria, the six million five hundred thousand dollar ($6,500,000) home in the Bella Collina community outside Orlando Florida about which I have previously written. I guess they’re too busy building other spectacular properties to bothering with answering inquiries from people who will never be able to afford one of their homes.

Meanwhile, ELLE Magazine’s 15th Annual Women in Hollywood Event was held at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills yesterday. Do you care? Me neither, but I can’t find anything else to write about so here are some pictures of 9 rich bitch celebrity women who attended the event.

Some of these ladies are richer than others but all can easily afford a six million five hundred thousand dollar home and you’d better believe the folks at PGM would have answered their email without delay. That’s the difference between being poor and obscure and being rich and famous.


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