Ritz crackers for breakfast?

Ritz CrackersCome on! Ritz crackers for breakfast? Shame on me. I just consumed 2 servings of ritz crackers for breakfast. That’s a pretty stupid way to use your first 140 calories for the day. Rich bitches don’t eat ritz crackers for breakfast. And skinny rich bitches don’t use the precious few calories they allow themselves daily unwisely. Do you think Victoria Beckham eats ritz crackers for breakfast? A serving of ritz crackers probably contains more carbs (11 grams) than Victoria allows herself to eat in a week.

Speaking of carbohydrates, how do you find foods that don’t contain the stuff? Not that I’m one of those carb counting freaks. I’m really not; but I do think that I’m one of those people who shouldn’t eat a lot of carbs. I personally think that carbohydrates are not a problem for every ‘body’, so when these diet fads come out and everybody jumps on the bandwagon it’s pretty ridiculous to me. Different foods do different things to different bodies. And even in the case of carbohydrates, not all carbs will affect your body the same way.

The main problem I have with certain carbohydrates is that they go to the back of my shoulders and the back of my arms and give me a somewhat bovine appearance. Not a pretty sight by any stretch of the imagination.

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