ROXY Tahiti Dress

Roxy Tahiti DressIn case you have no desire to make your own clothes and you’re not particularly concerned about whether or not your dresses have sleeves, you might like this machine washable, imported, 60% cotton, 40% modal ROXY Tahiti Dress. It’s $39.99 which is cheap for most people. For myself, I’m ashamed to say my income is such that I couldn’t spend $39.99 on a dress right now. $19.99 is a high price for me. Yes, it’s that bad. I am that poor; but I don’t plan on staying that way.

The black and white paisley print ROXY Tahiti Dress is available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. It looks like it could be a cute little dress even if you have a slightly imperfect figure.

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