Save the Earth, Use Eco-friendly Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is not very common in households today; however, there are still a few houses that have them. Today people prefer hard marble or tiled floors because it is easier to clean and maintain. Hardwood floors provide a homey feel to a house and truly make it more like a home. Houses in Asia are still made with hardwood floors, but because environmentalists are against the cutting of trees, the bamboo became an alternative.


Engineered bamboo flooring are made from real bamboo plants but are made to look like hardwood floors. The bamboo provides a beautiful intricate pattern that adds classic elegance to a home. No bamboo floors do not like bamboo plants tied together that resembles more like a raft than a floor. These bamboo plants are engineered to make into floors without it losing its natural look. They are an eco friendly alternative to other hardwood floors because bamboo grow faster and they are not hard to grow. Bamboos reach maturity in strength only in 5 to 7 years time. It has also been said that it regenerates faster than any other tree.


Strand bamboo flooring is more durable as compared to other commercial flooring used, such as the red oak. It also has an elegant feel because of its design and its darkened tint. It has been known to be used commercially as in office buildings and in condominiums. The bamboo floor has also been said to have the best defense against high heels, which meant high heels do not easily scratch or dent the floor.

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