Be yourself

If you don’t know who you are now is the time to start off on a journey of self-discovery because until you can be yourself you can’t be content. Who are you? I used to think I knew myself, and I think possibly I did know myself once; but then things happened in my life and I began to doubt what I believed. I started to look at myself through other people’s eyes and suddenly I was weak, pathetic, poor, uneducated, going nowhere in life, unworthy, talentless, married to a loser, a bad mother, a bad wife, an embarrassment, a thing to be pitied.

When I wasn’t looking at myself through other people’s eyes I believed I was smart, talented, beautiful, worthy, destined for the top, strong, a good mother….

How sad to give people so much power over you that they are able to make you doubt yourself and shape your ideas about yourself according to what they think of you.

Sometimes we struggle trying to be who we think we need to be to win people’s admiration and approval; but as long as we’re adapting to suit someone else’s idea of what makes us an ideal person we’re not being who we are and as long as we’re not being who we are we can never truly be at peace or experience real joy. Don’t strive to be what you think people want you to be. Be yourself and everything else will fall right into place.

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