You’re worth as much or as little as you decide

Whenever you get to feeling insecure and thinking some other woman is worth more than you’re worth because she’s prettier, has a better figure, has more money, has a better looking man, went to a more prestigious school, has nicer hair, nicer teeth, a nicer home or apartment, cuter children, smarter children, a less shady past, or whatever it is she has that you perceive to be better than what you have and consequently envy, remember that at the end of the day, you’re worth as much or as little as you decide. It may be that you don’t have the prettiest face, the nicest figure, the most money, the best looking man on the block, the most prestigious degree, the nicest hair, the nicest teeth , the nicest home or apartment, the cutest children, the smartest children, the most impressive biographical record, but that doesn’t make you less worthy than someone who has the material or external things you lack.

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