She Only Wears Wholesale Belts

This girl always looks great.  She never wears the same thing twice, but somehow manages to come up with a different look every day of the week.  She is a teacher, so there is no possible way that she has a lot of money to go out and buy these clothes.  One day, someone asked her how she managed to have all these different looks.  “I only wear wholesale accessories,” she said.

She then went on to explain that ninety percent of her wardrobe comes from wholesale.  That is how she is able to buy all these things on a budget.  And its not that the things she wears look cheap, they look very high end in fact.  Her wholesale belts, are real lather, containing metalwork designs, beading, silver and gold buckles, tassels, and an assortment of other designs that all scream expensive.

Her other trick, to make people think she owns all this expensive stuff, is a good selection of wholesale handbags.  She has at least two handbags to go with each outfit.  And each handbag mirrors a designer brand.  A lot of the times, she says, people are so busy looking at her bags that they totally ignore her outfit, or don’t notice that she might have worn the same pants, or shirt twice that week.

I thought her method was genius.  With the right accessories, gotten from wholesale, she was able to fool people into thinking that she had a lot of money.  She also was able to pull of unique looks everyday of the week without spending a fortune.

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