Sirius XM Radio Stock still embarrassingly cheap

You can pick up shares of Sirius XM Radio Inc Stock for just $0.35 per share; and with analysts still betting on Sirius to rebound this might be the time to go ahead and bite the bullet.

If you don’t have major money to invest, you can pick up 285 shares of Sirius stock with just $100. Even if it proves to be a bad investment it’s still only $100 lost; and if things turn around for Sirius and their stock goes up to $5 in value, that’s $1425 for your $100 investment.

The thing to keep in mind is that there’s talk of a possible reverse stock split and if that happens your shares will suddenly dwindle.

If they do a 10:1 reverse split for example, and you own 285 shares you’ll suddenly own only 28.5 shares of Sirius stock. That would mean your share value will be  $142.50 if the stock gets back to a $5 per share value and that’s obviously not as impressive as the $1425 you would have without the reverse split.

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