SIRIUS XM Radio To Launch Channel Dedicated To Led Zeppelin meanwhile a share of their stock is worth only $0.35 cents

Sirius XM Radio announced today that they will be broadcasting a “100% commercial-free” music channel that will be dedicated to Led Zeppelin. You’ll be able to access “Led Zeppelin Radio” on SIRIUS channel 12 and XM channel 39 starting Saturday, November 1 at 6:00 pm ET ongoing through December 31.

Sirius also announced on the 27th that SIRIUS XM will be delivering live NBA games to satellite radio subscribers countrywide throughout the 2008-09 season.

Sirius has made many announcements of new channels and programming in the last month; however Sirius XM stock price continues to hover under $0.40 cents a share. At least it’s up ten cents from last week when it had dropped to a low of $0.22 cents per share.

Should you buy Sirius stock? Why not? At $0.35 cents per share what have you really got to lose? Assuming you’re only going to be buying a small handful, like maybe $100 – $200 worth of shares.

Image: Led Zeppelin by p_a_h via Flickr

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