So you think you’re poor and your life is hard – you don’t know squat about poverty

Seriously, let’s just forget about our problems for a minute. Here I am sitting in an apartment I pay $940 per month to rent. I ate this morning. I eat every day. I have water to drink every day and water to bathe in every day. Hell, I’m typing on a computer right now. That’s a luxury; and obviously I have electricity as well because I need electricity to be able to use the computer. I have internet service. That’s not a necessity. Hell, I have an account trading forex with FXCM. It only has $55 in it but at one point it had $2500. I’m so poor I threw $2500 down the throat of the foreign exchange market; then I wanted to hang myself because I didn’t make the $15,000 I wanted to make.

Do I really know anything about poverty? Do you? That little girl in the photo, she knows poverty, and you know what? She’s probably still able to find something to smile about and laugh about in the face of all the wretchedness that surrounds her. Just for today, just for a minute, let’s be thankful for what we do have and not worry about what we don’t have.

Image Credit: Dr Tareq Salahuddin

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