So you’re thinking maybe you might have to rob a bank are you?

At 11:07 a.m. on Saturday October 25th, a woman walked into a Washington Mutual Bank branch at 480 Glen Creek Road NW in Salem Oregon and demanded cash after handing a note to a teller claiming she had a gun in her purse. In a similar fashion, Robin Lori Miller, the 39-year old head teller at First Citizens National Bank in Canton, Pennsylvania, abused her access to customer’s accounts back in May, stealing a total of $35,485 from the bank over a period of a few days.

Movies like Mad Money which stars Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes glamorize and make a comedy of the idea of women stealing money; but in the real world there is nothing glamorous or funny about robbing banks, whether you’re robbing a bank in an obscure little town that no one has ever heard about or you’re robbing the federal reserve.

No matter how desperate your money situation becomes, you’re better off risking the worse case scenario of abject poverty and homelessness than making a crazy decision to go and rob a bank. Bank robbery is a federal offense and carries harsh sentences.

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