Spice up a Room with Wicker Rattan Furniture

There is something almost exotic about wicker rattan furniture. Maybe you are reminded of the Far East when you see it. Often the fabrics, colors and patterns of the cushions have an occidental feel to them. This could be because of the way people think of rattan, or what causes people to feel that way. I have found that having a sofa with rattan sides or accents or a coffee table that is rattan adds a touch of mystique to a room.

The opposite is true of white wicker furniture. This makes things feel cozy and comfortable. Many people are beginning to use this type of furniture in sunrooms or a dining area. Places where people gather to share what happened during the day are good for wicker. The white makes everything seem brighter, cheerier. You can add to them cushions in bright colorful patterns to add to the atmosphere. You may even have a couple different sets of cushions to change the theme of the room when you need a change.

If you are considering making a change to your décor, wicker furniture indoor is a nice place to start. Whether you are looking for something on the formal side or want a casual, comfortable place you will find what you need and want. Go with a whole set or use a few pieces scattered about as accents. Most modern furniture does not have wood showing; it gives a cold feeling even when big and fluffy.  Wicker and rattan are wood; adding the warmth of real wood to the room.

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