Starting the day with a horchow shopping spree to buy fashionable luxury bedding for my imaginary bed

I haven’t slept on a real bed since 2005. Well, actually I did sleep on a real bed for 3 nights last March when I took a trip to the beach with my son and my husband. Of course the money I spent on the trip was enough to afford a bed. I suppose complaining that I have been sleeping on an airbed since 2005 is pointless because if someone analyzed my financial records over the last 3 years they would come to the conclusion that I could have bought a bed if I’d been managing my money better. I’m not good at managing money, but I’ll discuss that later. Right now I want to show you the bed linens I’ve pretend purchased from (Yes, I am a crazy person who pretend shops.)

Bed linens I’ve pretend purchased from

The cost to get every set as featured in the pictures with all the decorative pillows etc.: $30,206.30. I would not in reality ever spend thirty thousand dollars for 6 sets of bed linens. I think you can get sets that are as nice for significantly less money.


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