Super Bowl Sunday

I am sensing that this blog might need the occasional sports update–no? Let’s experiment with just this one—after all, Super Bowl Sunday is coming up. Now granted, most readers of this blog are not likely to be big Super Bowl followers, but that’s okay. I feel very in the know about the Super Bowl this year because I have several family members who are huge Pittsburgh Steelers fanatics. In fact, they are so fanatical about the Steelers that I grew up a little nervous as Super Bowl Sundays approached, especially those involving Steelers and Cowboys games. But those days are behind me, and Super Bowl 2009 is between the Steelers and the Cardinals.

For me, the fact that the Steelers are going to participate in yet another Super Bowl means many upcoming years of gloating or sadness each time the phrase “Super Bowl 2009” is spoken at family gatherings. Thank goodness the Steeler fans are the only big sporting fanatics in the family—if I were related to any serious Arizona Cardinals fans, for example, we would no doubt be facing several years of extremely acrimonious family gatherings. But we aren’t. Only gatherings that sound the same as all the others with stories about MVPs like Mean Joe Green, Terry Bradshaw, Ben Roethlisberger, and Willie Stargell—oh, wait, he was a Pirate, not a Steeler, but an outstanding player who deserves a great deal of recognition—just not in this post.

Everyone get ready for Super Bowl Sunday. I know I’m ready. Steelers coach Tomlin said he didn’t have anything planned to tell the team before the game. He says that he prefers to “wing it” when it comes to motivational speeches. I’m trying to gear up. I might need a natural energy enhancer, but after that, look out Super Bowl 2009—here I come.

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