Tag The World

Anyone who follows the lifestyles of the rich and famous knows that celebrities are big on charity. Whether they are passionate about issues or they simply want a tax break (we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, but we know not everyone is actually the angel they appear to be for the press), having a celebrity throwing their weight behind a cause can mean a big boost in donations for related charities. Regular people love the celebrity lifestyle — that’s why there are so many shows and websites devoted to the things they say and do and wear. For those who want to be a little bit more like their favorite actor or singer or model, supporting a cause that they support is a way to feel like you have something in common with them while also doing something that you can feel good about.

With so many deserving charities out there, it can be difficult finding a way to attract the celebrity support that they want. One organization, Tag the World, has taken an interesting approach to this. They have had jewelry designer Michael Barin create five different dog tags to represent five different causes: children, cancer, animals, Africa, and green. The term “dog tag” is a bit of a misnomer, as these sterling silver necklaces each have a beautiful and elaborate open design that is meant to symbolize the heart of the cause. The proceeds from the sale of these tags will be donated to related charities. This organization has already attracted some celebrity support, and we look forward to seeing these lovely tags around the necks of some of the hottest stars around.

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