Take up a hobby like sculpting

Clay pot in the making

Sometimes the best thing you can do when faced with a problem you can’t seem to solve is walk away from it for a bit. Take up a hobby to distract yourself with, like sculpting or some other art form. You don’t have to invest in taking classes and all that jazz. This clay bowl is something I’m working on and I’ve never taken a class. It won’t get into the Smithsonian but it might prevent me from putting on another 10 pounds as a consequence of choosing to eat my way out of stress.

I’m doing it just to distract myself from stress. It beats getting up and going into the kitchen for something to eat every 5 mintues. Art therapy is good for stress. And if you’re in the same boat as I am stress is a big issue you’re dealing with daily. You could eat to make yourself feel better but then you’ll get fat. You could drink rum every day but then you’ll become a drunk and you won’t be able to function, eventually you’ll kill yourself or maybe kill someone else and end up in jail.

Jail is not the goal right? The goal is to get rich because you deserve to be rich. You deserve to have whatever you believe to constitute the best in life.

And to get the house of your dreams you need to stay focussed, keep yourself mentally strong and able to fight stress. So pick up some clay or a canvas board and some paints or other art supplies and

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