A tattooed bride smoking a cigarette on her wedding day

I previously mentioned that my husband and I had a nasty fight on our wedding day. He had gone out onto the apartment balcony to smoke a cigarette a few hours before we were to be at the courthouse. I thought it was inappropriate for him to be smoking on our wedding day. He knew I hated that he smoked. I thought on our wedding day of all days he should make an extra effort not to smoke. He didn’t see the big deal. I guess most people wouldn’t see the big deal either.

Here’s a picture of a bride on her wedding with a cigarette in her hand. It just seems inappropriate to me. A wedding day is supposed to be special and something about the idea of the bride or the groom taking time out for smoking cigarettes on their wedding day somehow makes it seem like the day isn’t really special for them. I know it’s just a matter of perception, but as I perceive it, the cigarette suggests the smoker isn’t really all that excited about getting married. I understand the nature of cigarette addiction but I’ve seen that my husband can resist smoking when doing so is important enough to him. That he didn’t consider our wedding day to be a day on which he should make the effort not to smoke knowing I hated his smoking was upsetting.

It also suggested that getting his smoke was more important than preparing for our big day.

In the case of the smoking bride, why isn’t she 100% focussed on her wedding? Why would she need a cigarette break in the middle of the festivities? It just doesn’t really look all that appropriate; but then I’m kind of far removed from reality.

Image: Minna by Magnus Franklin via Flickr

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