Tax free weekend

Go to sleep depressed about money. Wake up depressed about money. Go through the day depressed about money. Forever and a day thinking about ways to make  money. Can’t be happy for lack of financial security. SO GET A JOB!! But it’s not even the money that’s the problem. The lack of money creates some problems that having money would remove; but it’s the failure that’s the issue. The failure to succeed at everything tried.  SO STOP TRYING AND GET A JOB!! My predicament always seems so easy to solve from everybody else’s perspective. I’ve worked too hard to just quit on myself and go invest my time and energy into someone else. I want success for me. I won’t give up on myself and give up on my dreams and sign on to make it easier for someone else to keep going after their dreams and achieve success with their goals that I help them to achieve after quitting on myself. SO STOP SHOUTING AT ME ABOUT GETTING A JOB!!

But things are getting tighter and tighter every month. I need to see some money coming in for all the effort going into trying to make money every day. And what has any of this to do with a tax free weekend? Absolutely nothing.

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