The look in handbags from Yves Saint Laurent for Fall 2008

With prices ranging from $965 to $2295, Yves Saint Laurent’s fall handbags are definitely out of my budget; but it’s no loss because I’m not particularly wowed by any of the styles. Somehow I picture a skinny blonde New York attorney who wears glasses and always has a pretty serious expression on her face when I look at the fall 2008 YSL handbag collection. With the exception of the Majorelle Leopard-Print Bag which retails for $2295.00, the rest of the bags give off an air of intellectual superiority.

Included in the line is the black patent leather muse two bag for $1995, the patent leather Majorelle tote bag which comes in cuoio and red and retails for $1695, and the pebbled leather satchel which comes in turquoise and black and retails for $1195.

The woman who buys these bags works in a DA’s office in Manhattan by day and by night reclines on her couch reading the New York law journal. She might occasionally accept a dinner invitation or an invitation to an art show. She’s beautiful but she doesn’t date much because men are threatened by the combination of beauty and intelligence. She’s a strict vegetarian, five feet nine inches tall and weighs 109 pounds.

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