The money crisis continues – is it time to admit defeat?

It is 8AM. My son is about to head off to school. I’ll be keeping at this until 9AM when I will head to the bath for a shower then take a few minutes to have some tea and try my very best to avoid eating anything else until noon when I will have a small lunch. I have to eat consciously today because yesterday I went way overboard eating under heightened stress and anxiety. My day started out pretty well yesterday but once I started thinking about my money problems it went rapidly downhill.

I have my FXCM Trading Station II window opened keeping an eye on the forex market. I’ll be having to add some forex related content to another website later in the day. I also need to start updating the Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson websites which I’ve been trying to sell with no luck. I have to figure out what to do about all the other websites I have left, whether or not I should just cancel them so yahoo doesn’t charge me renewal fees and call them complete losses, or try to push myself even futher to get them updated more frequently for the next 3 months in the hope that I might manage to get something for them even if it’s only $75 – $100.

My bank account is still in the deficit. My husband is going to be selling my necklace, bracelet and two rings to raise some money to help bring the deficit down. I was also going to sell my wedding band but I decided that would be a bit callous. If my husband sold his wedding band for any reason I would be offended so I should expect that my being willing to sell my wedding band for any reason might be offensive to him.

It’s been years since things have been so bad for me that I’m having to look around my home for possible things to sell; but I’m still not ready to quit and admit defeat. Life’s going to have to serve a few more blows from the battering ram to knock the fight completely out of me.

Image: I got lost by violamara was a yeah yeah girl via Flickr

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