The Octomom

A little over a month ago, we all watched the evening news in surprise as it was reported that a woman in California had given birth to eight babies. The reaction varied depending on the person, of course. Some of us found it amazing while others found the whole concept of having that many children at once (“a litter” as some people put it) to be a bit terrifying. There was probably many a woman out there who winced at the thought, whatever their opinion of the events. Of course, the story began to gather momentum in the days that followed. It was revealed that the mother, Nadya Suleman, already had six children, bringing her total number of offspring up to fourteen. Word also broke that Ms. Suleman was a single unemployed mother, meaning that the burden of paying for her children’s support would more likely than not fall on the taxpayers of California.

Now that time has passed, we have to say that we’re getting pretty tired of hearing about the “Octomom”, as she’s been dubbed by the media. Did we really need to know that some plastic surgery experts suspect that she had work done, possibly to look more like Angelina Jolie? Is it really news that a porn company is offering her a million dollars to star in one of their films? Why does she have her own category over at TMZ? It really does go to show that people out there can become a celebrity for anything. However, it is rather interesting to see the larger ramifications of her actions, such as the scramble by lawmakers to create a bill that limits the number of embryos that can be implanted by a fertility clinic.

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