The Real Blue Lagoon…In Iceland

I don’t know about all of you, but the nippy air has me daydreaming about spa treatments! I thought I’d share a little secret about my favorite spa in the world. Literally. It’s called the Blue Lagoon. No, I am not joking. It is blue, and though it’s manmade, it feels very much like a real lagoon. Even more intriguing is its outside location, which makes it very steamy and alluringly dark skies against almost fluorescent blue water. And what may surprise you…It’s in Iceland.
For those of you who just went, “Iceland? I can’t go to an outside spa in Iceland. Too cold” Take it from me, Iceland is a country all ladies, and especially all ladies who love shopping and spas, must visit. I’ve shopped there, and yes, soaked in the Blue Lagoon itself for many relaxing hours. But you don’t need a spa in Iceland for healing water—even the regular showers there are heated naturally (geothermal heat under the ground) and contain sulphur, which smells not so good, but does wonders for the hair and skin.

One thing about Icelanders that everyone should know: they are among the most fashionable gals and girls on the planet. Yes, I am including Parisians and New Yorkers in that equation. I am almost ashamed to admit that while in Iceland, as I looked at the cutting edge styles, the precise futuristic hairstyles, and the state of the art gadgets in everyone’s kitchens and homes, I felt almost…well, almost unstylish.

Oh, and we rich girls love our rich food. Well, note that Iceland is host to the finest dining in the world right next to Japan, both price and delicacy. I’m not pretending that any of you might want, for example, to eat shark meat, or whale meat, or heaven forbid a puffin (the bird that looks like a cross between a penguin and a parrot), but you could do so legally in Iceland if you so wish.

And last but not least, did I mention the guys? Well, I might need to. They are tall, educated, and super gorgeous. So are the ladies. While the people are admittedly private, they are kind to foreigners, and highly educated. Iceland is a modern eutopia. It’s small, exquisitely charming, and unrivaled in its standard of living. True, they did just have a huge economic fallout (what country hasn’t?), but over the past several decades, Iceland has had the highest standard of living in all of Europe.
And the best part of all? It only takes about 5 hours to fly there from New York. Closer than all other countries in Europe. AND you can fly very cheaply through Iceland Air right now. I highly recommend it. Iceland Air is hosting a get away as low as $699 per person now. And a budget getaway for $449—for the frugal rich girls (he he).

PS. Their Christmas celebrations—out of this world. Seriously. Lights up and down the perfectly decorated streets, ice sculptures, you name it. Did I mention spas and hot guys? Enjoy!

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