The real rich bitch

Apparently  a real rich bitch is a condescending and superficial woman who has money and is from high society and who never lets the people around her, provided they don’t have as much money or as much standing in society, forget just how rich she is and how important she is by comparison to them.

I came across a website with a listing of some of the most notorious rich bitches in television history. You can view the list at If you’re old enough to remember the television series dynasty then you would remember the ultimate rich bitch Alexis Carrington.

Alexis and women of  her ilk are not exactly the types of rich bitch girls that we aim to emulate. We’re not interested in looking down our noses at other people. In fact we think people who look down their noses at other people are creatures to be pitied. Having money doesn’t make you better than anybody. Coming from high society doesn’t make you better than anybody.

The only part of the whole rich bitch mentality that we are really interested in is the “rich” part where we have money to be able to enjoy our lives. We don’t want to have money so we can flaunt it in other people’s faces and show off. As far as the bitch part goes, for us it simply means and not apologizing for who we are and what we have.

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