The Self Love Diet – overeating is an addiction

Like alcoholics and their drinking, smokers and their nicotine, drug addicts and their drug of choice, over-eaters use food to fill a void.

If you think only overweight people overeat I caution you to think again. Overeating is not a problem plaguing only overweight people. Overweight people are largely individuals who are living with the consequence of their addiction to eating; but as with any addiction, there are some addicts who never suffer the typical consequences. Not all smokers develop lung cancer. There are skinny people who are addicted to eating. Over-eating is not a weight problem. People don’t overeat because they’re fat. They become fat because they overeat.  Weight problems result from over-eating, but psychological problems are at the root of overeating. People overeat because they are using food to try to fill a void, because they want to feel good, and eating makes them feel good.

Unfortunately, even when we don’t overeat necessarily, most of the food that make us feel good when we eat can make us gain weight if we don’t have an active lifestyle and don’t exercise regularly. So when we eat significantly more of these fattening foods than is required we gain weight more rapidly. The catch-22 that traps many of us in a never-ending cycle is that the more weight we gain, the more we eat to cope with the shame we feel over our bodies.

People aren’t overweight because they’re greedy and worthless. They are overweight because they eat to cope with all the emotions they can’t handle, stress, anger, depression, loneliness, confusion, self-hate….

The first step in conquering any addiction, including an addiction to eating, is to recognize that the addiction exists and admit that you have a problem.

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Eventually we get to hating ourselves and not caring how we look, or at least telling ourselves we don’t care how we look. our misery over our inability to lose weightand even at times to punish ourselves for

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