The Self Love Diet – redirect your skinny bitch aspirations

Victorias Secret Models Vs Lane Bryant Models
Victorias Secret Models Vs Lane Bryant Models

So you want to be skinny. Okay. But let me ask you this. Why do you want to be skinny? Do you want to be skinny because you think you’ll be worth more as a skinny woman than you’re worth right now? When you go out and see skinny women at the mall do you hate yourself and wish you were like them? Why? Because society values them more than society values you? Because you value them more than you value yourself?

Is that really okay with you to go around believing you’re worth less than girls/women who are skinnier than you? Does it seem right or even reasonable to hate yourself because you can’t fit into a pair of size 2 jeans?

I know, everybody wants to be skinny. Skinny rules, and that’s never going to change.

I get that you’d rather be admired than scorned and skinny people are admired over not so skinny people.

I get that it’s considered more enviable to model for Victoria’s Secret than to model for Lane Bryant. So I’m not going to try to talk you out of wanting to be skinny. It’s okay to want to feel good about yourself, and if being skinny will make you feel good about yourself then by all means try to get skinny.

In the meantime think about this: Do you really want to diminish your own self-worth to a measure of how skinny or fat you are? Do you know that you don’t need to be skinny to feel good about yourself?

In fact, you can be skinny and still hate yourself. I know this for a fact. Being skinny never stopped me from hating myself and hating my life. I was as suicidal while weighing 98 pounds as while weighing 150 pounds. I was the same person skinny as fat. Nothing was different inside and being skinny didn’t make my misery more bearable. I never had a day of saying “I feel like hanging myself, but at least I wear size 1 jeans and have a twenty-inch waist.”

The way I see it, aspiring to  be a happy bitch is more worthwhile than aspiring to be a skinny bitch. Go on a diet to lose your self hate, your depression, your obsession with weight, and everything else will fall into place.

When you are happy you live life more fully and take better care of yourself, and when you are living life to the fullest and taking good care of yourself the evidence will be physically manifested.

Happiness and contentment with life is the only diet pill you need. Forget the skinny bitch nonsense with its obsessive focus on your physical appearance. The stress from trying to lose weight to measure up to the skinny bitch image will usually lead to greater misery which will only help to keep you trapped in the cycle of eating to cope with your misery. Fix the real problems that lie at the root of your weight issues. Learn to love yourself and love life and the rest will fall into place.

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