The Self Love Diet – food is good

I get it. You hate yourself. You  think you’re fat. You keep trying to lose weight but nothing ever works. Even if you lose a few pounds you end up gaining it all back and the cycle just continues. You’re totally fed up. You’re ready to give up. What’s the point of torturing yourself? Even if you eat only carrots for a week you still gain weight, or so it seems. You might as well be eating pizza and cake.

After all, who wouldn’t want to eat this?

Or this?

Slice of chocolate cake

Instead of this?

Food is good

Food makes us feel good. That’s why some of us eat so much more of it than we need that we end up gaining more weight than we should carry. Eating food makes us feel good; and the richer and tastier the food the better we feel while eating it.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with loving to eat okay? Preferring cake and pizza over carrots is nothing to be ashamed of; but using food as a drug can cost you your life. Eating to feel good is no different from smoking a joint to feel good, or drinking alcohol to feel good. It’s a habit that comes with undesirable consequences; so over the next several weeks we’re going to learn to break the habit.

The irony

The same reason you got into the habit of overeating is the same reason you can’t seem to get out of the habit of overeating. You were using food to try to fill a void, but you created an even bigger void and you keep using food to fill the void, the void keeps getting bigger. The bigger the void the harder you try to fill it. The harder you try to fill it the bigger the void becomes. You are in a no-win situation. Food is never going to fill the void. It will only make the void grow bigger.

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