The Siren Song of Off Price Apparel

How many of us can just walk by a store that has those huge “Up To 75% Off” signs, you know the ones, with like five exclamation marks and that are rarely found alone.  I’ve never meet a woman with a true love of shopping who call resist off price apparel, especially when she is in the mood to shop.  Recent studies show that women who shop are more likely to live longer – as though you needed any encouragement, right?


Wholesale clothing is just one part of our love for shopping, but who doesn’t love those cute little black dresses that even on sale have a price tag that most of us, aside from models, still can’t afford.   And who can resist those cute little designer outfits that can only be completed with a number of adorably expensive accessories, including, belts, earrings, and last, but not least, handbags.


Wholesale handbags are a legend unto themselves.  What outfit has anyone seen that was not completed by a cute little handbag? Many women are under the impression that the handbag is everything, while others of us are unconvinced – what makes the bag complete the outfit?  Depending on the outfit, the bag can contrast the dress, but match the shoes, or vice versa. 


So women, don’t hesitate when you see those signs, but make sure that each purchase you make is going to go with your current wardrobe, because you don’t want those designer brands going to waste!

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